About Us

Calypso Destinations was established in 2013. Initially, we concentrated on tailored getaways to exotic locations, such as Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Soon, our reputation for reliable and outstanding service grew and we quickly extended this to include other destinations around the world. We also branched out into corporate tours, white label study tours, event and bespoke packages to many destinations.
Our love of sports led us to organising sporting tours for rugby and cricket. Today, we have extended this to include many sports, such as F1 motor racing, hockey, soccer, netball, basketball, tennis and volleyball.

Our History

Kevin and Anthony started with a simple aim; to provide their travellers with an unforgettable holiday experience. Their combined knowledge and expertise help to organise tailored getaways from Sri Lanka to the Maldives, and many other places between and beyond to ensure you memories and experiences that will last a life time.

We started off with simple travel tours to Sri Lanka, then we ventured out to other magical places. We bravely took on sports tours because of our passion in cricket and rugby.

As word started to spread, we branched out again to corporate tours, white label study tours, event and bespoke packages to many destinations.

With the world at our fingertips, what we quickly learn that the world is still indeed a BIG Place.

At the heart of travel, it’s still about the experience, the people you are with and the destination.

Noting is more important than that in our eyes

We want to share that with you every day

Our Charity work

We’re proud to support good causes across the world, helping those in need in the communities that host our groups. Our destinations are not just pins on a map, they are filled with people, culture, love, commerce and strong ties that connect all our travellers to each place.

We fulfil our responsibilities through community-based partnerships that improve health and well-being. We listen to and learn from our community partners to ensure the charities that we support make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The founders of Calypso Destinations Tours come from humble beginnings in a small island in the middle of a vast ocean, our belief is that meeting local people and embracing their culture is important to us and so is giving back.

We support our people to take a big picture view and to stay informed on the trends shaping the future. More than that, we encourage our team and travellers to be actively part of creating positive change through three core community engagement programs that we support:

Charities we support:

  • Foundation of goodness
  • Candle Aid Sri Lanka
  • The Jake Doran Foundation

Why Choose Us

We custom design each trip to suit your individual needs. This includes 24/7 personalised assistance throughout your stay. Whether you are planning a sporting or corporate tour, seeking adventure or a family holiday with kids, we can accommodate your needs.


Travel is all about the experience, the people you are with and the destinations you visit. We aim to share that with you every day! Leave the hard work, the planning and arranging to us, your only task is to relax and enjoy the journey, wherever that maybe.