Welcome to the Maldives, where the sands are as white as the smiles of the locals, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a dream and the deep rays of the sun, wait to engulf you their arms.

Maldives has deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees. It is also a place full of character, where its people have long spent their days languishing in the very essence of idyll living. And, while it’s the perfect place to sit on a beach and watch a sunset, cocktail in hand, it’s also a geographical marvel, knowing there are thousands of fish swimming around the vivid corals just a few feet away from where you sit.

The Maldives is a tropical Paradise in the Indian Ocean, made up of more than a thousand coral islands. The capital, Malé, has a busy fish market, restaurants and shops and the 17th-century Hukuru Miskiy (also known as Friday Mosque) made of carved white coral. If you are into snorkelling or diving, Maldives is your personal piece of Paradise. Visit any one of the myriad islands for everything from beginner’s scuba diving to swimming with whale sharks and rays.

Whether you’re planning a relaxing holiday with the kids, a romantic getaway or a dream honeymoon, The Maldives is the perfect place for it.