Sports Travel

Calypso Destinations has a love of sport and a long history of organising sporting tours. This includes rugby, cricket and F1 motor racing. More recently, we have expanded our sports travel to include hockey, soccer, netball, basketball, tennis and volleyball.
Whether you are a sporting team or a team of sports, if you’re planning a trip to play or simply follow your favourite sport, talk to one of our experts. We have the experience and know-how to make sure your tour is an outstanding success. This can include such things as sightseeing, accommodation, flights, meals and much, much more! We will make sure you enjoy the experience both on and off the sporting arena!


As well as organising customised tours for specific groups, from time to time, Calypso Destinations offer a range of organised tours individuals can join. This includes major events, like the Rugby World Cup, the Monaco Grand Prix or the ICC World Cup. These tours are usually led by professional sports men and women, people who are experts in their particular field.

If you would like to know more or if you are interested in the possibility of organising your own tour group, contact one of our group tour experts for further information.